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This is the ultimate summer journey for charity. For too long you have been drowning in Dutch stereotypes and are looking for adventure. Beat the Balkans in a banger ride on your flip-flops; don't let slip this chance for a relentless journey. Dress to care less and join The Big Chill. Start to defy boundaries and go crazy this summer!

Get your shit together

Tuck away your toothbrush. This is the real deal! Get a banger car, bring a BBQ & raise money for charity. The Big Chill is a challenge for you to complete; drive on Europe’s roughest roads to the Caucasus mountains.

Get your facts straight

Join in on The Big Chill, starting from Amsterdam, August 1st 2015. Your destination? By car to the outskirts of the European continent; Mountainous Georgia, finishing in Tbilisi at August 14th. Two weeks of adventure!


Albert Einstein


We travel like madmen! Bring along crazy equipment to fire up a party (and your BBQ). Get your car going in local garages when on a breakdown. Besides bringing your camp gear, follow the DNA of The Big Chill which consist of the wonderful formula below.




Make some noise! This trip is all about keeping your neighbors up at night.. Bring music, pump up the volume!


No need to suit up. You’ll be beach bummin’ every step of the way. Bring flip-flops!


You’re the chef. And the eastern European countryside is your kitchen. Make dinner where you stop, dine all together under the stars.



Kick-off is in Amsterdam on August 1st. 2015.
Finish in Tbilisi, Georgia on August 14th.

Albert Einstein


This is the page for the guys who are tight up and have a detail fetish, for the chill dudes: just get your flip flops, a banger car and the BBQ. Need more info? Check the FAQ page for more elaborate information.

Besides good fun and charity, The Big Chill is a great adventure. Don’t be boring; buy a banger and drive with us over the most challenging roads in Europa this mid summer. Together with other participants you will drive to the edge of Europe, passing through thirteen countries; an estimated 6000 kilometers with asphalt, mud and gravel under your tires. No rules, loud music, meet people, have a great experience and helping others. At the finish line all cars will be sold for charity (or drive back if are in love with your car), revenue goes directly to local charity organizations. 

We’re the guys behind the famous Amsterdam Dakar Challenge, which exists now more than a decade. The Red Sea Challenge has made its way through Syria for years (until that thing happened…). The Mongol Challenge, Bombay Challenge, Noordkaap Challenge and more… Basically, we drive to the most remote outposts in the world, thousands of Challengers have joined our trips.

The departure is on Saturday, 1st August, 2015 from Amsterdam. The finish will be on Friday 14, August 2015. You can fly back from Tbilisi, Georgia the 15th of August, or later if you wish to stay longer as your own holiday.

Quite a bunch! The start is in The Netherlands. From there we will cross Germany, Austria, Slovenia and the Balkans (Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, Macedonia). Then we head through Bulgaria and Greece for Turkey. Our finish lies in The Republic of Georgia in the Caucasus.

Go camp! It’s the right time of year. We suggest camp sites, you can pitch a tent there or sleep in your own car …or where ever you want to sleep. In some places we might find a hotel, so you don’t have to wash in a river for a day. No obligations.

It’s the first edition, meaning that we are aiming for 20-30 teams, so around 40-60 people. Be swift and register in time!

If you are a Dutchie, you won’t need visas in advance. Turkish visas are received upon entering the country (for around €15). Bring your passport though! Coming from elsewhere? Check with local embassies whether you need visas or not and apply in timely fashion.

Participating will set you back €480 euro per person.

The following is included in the registration fee:
* The organization of the challenge
* Creating a ‘Challenge Pack’ with T-shirt and stickers)
* Departure event
* Finish party in Tbilisi
* Composing of a list of charities to donate to
* Organization of a cars being donated/sold in Tbilisi for charity
* Support via telephone 24/7 during the trip
* Roadbook with a lot of helpful information (handed out at departure)
* Official The Big Chill stickers, T-shirt & flip-flops

It completely depends on how much you and your car drink. Roughly calculate for around 1500-2000 Euro per person for the complete trip (buying a car, petrol, accommodation, flights back, participation fee etc…) if you go low-budget.

So, not included in the participation fee is:
* A car (max. 500 euro’s – or Ford Transit)
* Petrol
* Accommodation (we’ll go for budget-friendly ho(s)tels and campsites)
* Food/Drinks
* BBQ Meat (or use road kill if it is too expensive)
* Car insurance
* Flights back home (from 150 Euro)

You sell it on location. We are organizing an auction on location to facilitate sales. All revenue of the auction will go directly to the charities we are driving for. See an overview further on this page. To attached to your vehicle? Let us know before departure; you can drive back (or further) on your own.

Teams are stimulated to raise money for the local charities (besides donating your car). How you do that? Ask friends, family and companies for support. We’ve seen people organizing festivals and playing violins on the streets. Be creative! Over the years, our trips have raised over 3 million Euro’s for charities around the world.

Yes! That’s part of the Challenge. On a breakdown? Talk to locals, or try to tail people that do know how a tow-bar works.


THE BIG CHILL teams are in support of other legends. The cars will be left behind and sold for charity. These are the projects we support.


In the village of Sverdlov, in the poor and mountainous part of Western Armenia, the waterworks were ruined after the fall of the Soviet Union. The people of Sverdlov have created a Committee that maintains the waterworks. Olga collects money in her neighborhood for repairs and is very involved in improvement of the waterworks.  To help 230 people in the village of Sverdlov, the Comittee needs 2100 Euro. 


For the maintenance of solar collectors, teams are on the road to install and repair. The repair dudes are on the payroll of a NGO but they are still driving old cars. They need new wheels and the Ford Transit is the best choice for them. This is the perfect car to put their stuff for the collectors, tools and gears in. In total 5 busses are needed, let us know when you join the Big Chill in a Ford Transit.


Upgrade a resource center in Ivandidi and collect the tools available for welding, solar collectors etc... So ask your friends, neighbours and family if they have some good, used tools lying around to take with you to Georgia!


A lot of women in Georgia would like start to a small busines to provide their village with vegetables. You can help these women to start this small business of for example mushroom production or food drying for only 100 euros! You can also help a group of women start with jam making for income generation and subsidize the equipment they need (pans, pots, sterilizer, tables, etc.). The budget per group is 500 - 1000 euros.


In most rural parts in Georgia, it is not common to have warm water. Therefore, there are a lot of people who heat their water on a stove which is extremely expensive and takes a lot of time. By buying a solar collector, people can save lots of money and wood. One solar collector costs 350 Euro. If you collect half, we ask the people in these rual parts of Georgia to pay for the other half. This way they are attached to the solar collector and we can help more people.


Join this awesome trip! Claim your spot and depart August 1st, plow your way to Tbilisi, become a legend!

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We’ve been doing cool stuff since way back. This is our track record of other road-journeys to the unknown.

Are you ready for the summer trip that will take you to the borders of Europe?